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Information: We've been a community of faith for longer than we've had our own building to worship in. Our building came to be in 1956, but our grass roots beginnings were in 1953, when our first worship services were held in the gymnasium of Smithson Public School. Our church is wheel chair accessible, complete with a lift. Assistive Listening equipment is available for the hearing impaired. Our congregation spans all age groups, from the very young to those with many years of life experiences to share,thus blessing our church family with a wide range of diverse opinions, outlooks and faith perspectives. We enjoy reaching out to those in our own community and beyond. Our Pastoral Care team visits and keeps in touch with members of our church family. We have sponsored refugee families and supported Sleeping Children Around the World. We have entered into a sister church relationship with St. Paul's Methodist Church in Ugunja, Kenya and currently provide education sponsorship for several of the youth in that community. We administer our own prayer chain, and over the past ten years, have offered thousands of prayers on behalf on anonymous seekers. We have covenanted with Habitat for Humanity, support Out of the Cold, the regional Food Bank and several local support agencies. Our mission statement speaks to the common ground we enjoy - each of us unique, each of us with gifts to share, and each of us a valued child of God : "We, the community of faith known as St. James'-Rosemount United Church, believe that God is the central focus and motivating force in our lives together. Our mission is to share in ministry in an atmosphere of equality. We are called upon to acknowledge and proclaim our faith, to trust in God's goodness and grace, to share our gifts, to act with integrity, and to teach others the Good News as revealed in the life of Jesus Christ." We are "God's compassionate community sharing Christian faith"

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