Telephone: 519-658-2351

Address: 1620 Franklin Boulevard, Cambridge, Ontario N3C 1P2



Information: A congregation of about 35 families of which 30 are active, Armenian Evangelical meets in St. Luke's United Church, Cambridge, with service normally at 1:00 p.m.

Rev. Ohares Sarmazian has served the congregation since 1990. He preaches in Armenian, but usually provides an English version of his sermon, especially for the younger generation in the congregation. The congregation averages 20 to 25 in attendance at worship.

The Kingdom of Armenia became the first state to adopt Christianity as its religion in the early years of the 4th century (the traditional date is 301). On 23 August 1990, Armenia declared independence from the Soviet Union, becoming the first non-Baltic republic to secede from the U.S.S.R. When, in 1991, the Soviet Union was dissolved, Armenia's independence was officially recognized. It is now considered to be a European country.

The Armenian Evangelical Church in Cambridge is administratively connected with the Armenian Evangelical Union of North America ( which is a fellowship of churches in the United States, Canada, and Brazil, united by a common history and tradition dating back to the founding of the first Armenian Evangelical church in 1846 in Constantinople (now Istanbul), Turkey. The Union's purpose is to unite member congregations, pastors, and organizations within an ecclesiastical fellowship for ministry, mission, and service in the name of Jesus Christ, striving primarily to serve those of Armenian descent living in the Americas.

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